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Yorkies (Kath Webster, Rose O’Leary, Mary Walker, Jack Pickles) and Springers (Wendy Garside, Jennifer Templeton, Kathy Taliku, Elspeth Hartley) had a superb game in Division 2 of the Wednesday Fours of Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn league.  Springers moved into an 8-1 lead as Yorkies struggled to get their length.  However a fightback from Yorkies saw the teams level at 9 shots each with one end to play. Springers rose to the occasion to take “shot” and win the game by 10 shots to 9.

Ever Hopeful (Sandra Cooper, Ann Mullaney, Joan Hallowes, Ann Oates) got their Autumn campaign off to an excellent start in the Monday Afternoon Fours as they registered a13-8 win over Yorkies (Eddie Moss, Margaret Dean, Geoff Baron, Maurice Thorpe).

Old rivals, Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Doug. Hamilton, John Sharp, Nick Blackburn) and Incredibowls (Barbara Gee, Alan Fleming, Les Holmes, Andrew Gee) played out their usual close encounter. Well Bowled were indebted to Winrow, who gave a “master class” in lead bowling. His team went into an early lead with Winrow putting the pressure on their rivals. However when Winrow failed to lead his team mates struggled as Incredibowls fought back to level and go in front at 11-10. Whether it be a maximum length jack or a shorter mark, Winrow had the answer as at the start of the last end Well Bowled held a 14-11 advantage. Holding “2” shots, Incredibowls asked their “skip” Andrew Gee to try and bowl a strong bowl to knock out Well Bowled’s saving Bowl, but Gee was slightly narrow as he knocked the saving bowl in for “shot” as Well Bowled scored a single to take the game by 15 shots to 11.

K.9’s(Marian Quick, Malcolm Wragg, Stuart Baker, Barry Wright) gave an impressive team performance as they beat Luddites (Peter Richardson, Doug Parker, David Illingworth, David Mcmanon) by 17 shots to 11.

Little & Large ( Steve Rothwell, John Beverley) and Young Guns (Chloe Hirst, Frank Higgins) gave a brilliant display of in door bowling in theTuesday Evening Pairs, Division 1, as in a “nip and tuck” encounter plus a bit of luck from Higgins, Young Guns took the honours by 9 shots to 8.

Two young crown green bowling brothers, Tom (age 16) and Eddie Gilbert (15) are making their mark on the indoor rinks on a Wednesday Evening in the Wednesday Evening fours and on a Saturday in the Saturday Pairs. In their latest Wednesday Evening game, their team Rainy Days, with mum and dad Katie and Russell they registered a 15-9 win against Light Relief (A. Keighley, R. Firth, Bob Sandie, Keith Crossfield).

In their latest Saturday Pairs game, Sunny Days (Tom and Eddie) took a 9-0 lead against the experienced Marbles (Heather, Ian Smith), However Marbles fought back to level at 10 shots each. Again Sunny Days took the lead before the sides finished level with 14 shots each.

There is coaching on a Monday morning 11-12 noon and Tuesday afternoon  2.00-3.00 for anyone who would like to “have a go” at indoor bowling.  The coaching is by Graham Summers, a qualified indoor bowling coach who has moved from Weymouth B.C.


Yorkies 8  Ever Hioeful 13

K.9’s 17  Luddites 10

Well Bowled 15  Incredibowls 11


Marbles 17  Leathered 9

4 Ball Better Ball 26  Blue Woods 8



Young Guns 9  Little & Large 8

Stray Cats 4  SID 14

Dumb & Dumber 12  46ers 3


Eagles 3  Jammy Duo 14

Spartans 12 Pat & Pete 5

Rainy Days 8  Ponders 6

Hightown Old Boys 4  Double D.



Northern Lights 28  Beta Blockers 4

Illingworth 7  Knockkelly Stars 5

Hard Lines 8  Black Cats 10


Yorkies 9  Springers 10


Light Relief 9  Rainy Days 15

Gapp 8  Team GB  14

Saxons 20  Light Relief 2


Clayton 9 SID 10

True Grit 20  Light Relief 8

Rockets 12  Madlams 21

Avengers 13  Little & Large 10


Hotshots 20  The Fridays 12

G. 2 + 1  15  Friends 24

Red Mist 21  Larks 11


Dubliners 5  M.G.M. 18

Clayton 17  Sisters 5

T.N.T. 16  Gary & Pat 7


Thumbs Up  3 Red Woods 18

Ponders 4  Marbles 20

Here’s Hoping 7  Manjimups 7