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Joan-Dunn-Competition.jpg - 21.96 kBPhoto of runner up, Les Holmes, Sponsor Joan Dunn, Winner Gareth Coates at the final of the John Dunn Shield.

Holmes plays the lead player for Amethyst in the Monday Evening Fours, leads for Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and also leads for Red Mist in Division 1 of the Friday Triples. Amethyst and Red Mist have won their respective leagues and Northern Lights have come 3rd in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

Coates plays “skip” for Amethyst in the Monday Evening Fours.

The final of the John Dunn Shield was played on Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor rinks. The final featured two of the top indoor bowlers at the club, Les Holmes and Gareth Coates. Holmes  had had a tough road to the final having beaten Steve Rothwell, Tony Riley, team mate Philip Holroyd and Paul Gill on his journey. Coates had a bye into the first round and then he had played  Tom Gasson, Scott Smith and Chloe Hirst to reach the final.

The final, played down the middle of the rinks was as usual between the two players a “nip and tuck” affair with the scores being level at 3 shots each after 4 ends.

Gareth then led superbly off a maximum length jack to go into a 10-3 lead, before a single from Holmes made the score 10-4 before Coates increased his lead to 16-4. Holmes eventually won the jack and changed his length to a minimum length to win the next  five ends and make the final score 16-11 to Coates.

Coates  was unbeatable off a full length and also he restricted Holmes to singles and doubles on Holmes’s favourite short jack.

Joan Dunn presented the winner with the Shield at the end of the final.

There was an outstanding game in Division 2 of the Wednesday Fours, champions Endeavour (John Hamer, Chris Lindsay, Jimmy Bainbridge, Barbara Gee) found themselves 10-0 down against lowly Fair of Face (Mary Crabtree, Paul Green, Lynda Canning, Geoff Harrison) after the first half hour, thanks to excellent leading by Crabtree and well supported by her team. However when Endeavour won the jack at the next end, Hamer, the lead player for Endeavour shortened the jack length to almost the minimum length and as a result the teams drew level at 10shots each. At the start of the last end the scores were tied at 12 all with Endeavour holding “shot”. With his final bowl of the day, Harrison, the skip for Fair of Face proved to be the hero, as he played a yard through, into the head and knocked out Endeavour’s scoring bowl to give his team a single and win the game by 13 shots to 12.

Clayton ( Tony Riley, Paul Kaye) lost their 100% record in the Friday Evening Pairs as they were beaten 12-7 by C. Dogs (Ray Clegg, Michael Hutchinson). Clegg, the lead player for C. Dogs led superbly as he continued to change the jack length and did not allow Clayton to take control of the game.

In their final game in the Saturday “Plate” J. & M. ( Jean Wade, Peter Greenwood) put in a superb performance against champions T. & A. (Trevor and Ann Heley). T. & A. went into  an early lead before J. & M. drew level and pulled ahead. At the final end the score was 7-5 to J. & M. with T. & A. holding a “2” to force a draw. However Greenwood with his final bowl of the game moved the jack into the ditch followed by his bowl for his team to score a single and make the final score 9-5 to J. & M.

Kingsley (Carol Onions, David Onions, Bob Kingdom) were given a shock in Division 2 of the Friday Triples when they suffered a 20-8 setback against lowly Kingsley (Jean Nilan, Kath Kaye, Donald Asquith). Kingsley got off to an excellent start as they score a “4” , “3” and 3 singles to move into a 10-1 lead. Bob’s Kingdom rallied in the middle of the game as they replied with a “3”, “2” and a “1” to pull the score back to 14-8, but Kingsley finished off the game with 3 pairs to make the final score 20-8.


Rabbits 14 G. 2. + A. 2 15


Rockets 13 Avengers 13

Madlams 18 Don’t Be Short 7

Rockets 4  Up the Edge 32

One Direction 5 Amethyst 35

Spartans 9 Avengers 17



Young Guns 6  Bowl You Over 6

Young Guns 10  Engineers 6

2 B’s 10 Bowl You Over 7

C Dogs 12  SID 5

Valley Boys 11  Little & Large 10

Engineers 5  Bowl You Over 5


Brookley 2  Double D. 12

Rainy Days 13 Pat & Pete 5

Dad & Lad 7  46ers 6

Bee Hives 18  Jammy Duo 2



Triers 15  Yorkies 5

Northern lights 15  Illingworth 8

Hard Liners 24 Vixens 7

Rockets 9  Black Cats 12


Endeavour 12  Fair of Face 13

Knockkelly Stars 11  Jack High 18

New look 10  Springers 12


Saxons 2  Clayton 32

Gapp 10  Up the Edge 0

Arriva 10  Greenroyd B.C. 10

Light Relief 8  The Jets 11


Hotpots 3  Little & large 35

Clayton 19 Light Relief 8

Avengers 9  Madlams 13

True Grit 4  Sid 31



Knockkelly Stars 10 Rabbits 23

Friends 7 True Grit 24

Red Mist 16 New Patacackes 14

Hotshots 23 G. 2 + 1  13


Kingsley 14 Untouchables 12

Larks 22  Planes 14

Untouchables 8 Sutty’e heroes 24

Kingsley 20 Bob’s Kingdom

Friday Girls 21 Changers 4


C. Dogs 12  Clayton 7

Gary & Pat 13 Sisters 8

M. & J. 5 M.G.M. 16



Pennine V.I. 10 Red Woods 8

The Guys 13 O’er ‘Ills 4

Wellhouse 11 Pennine 10


First Timers 2  Ponders 8

Manjimups 6  2 A’s 10

Chatterbox 10  Here’s Hoping 3

Wellhouse 18  Eskimos 4

J. & M. 9  T. & A. 5