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Carter Merit

On a breezy summer day, the ladies at Halifax Bowling Club held their ladies merit competition, the Carter Merit.
The semi finalists were, Barbara Gee, Marion Reynolds, Joyce Asquith and Christine Austin.

Notable performances in the earlier rounds were by the much improved Ann Oates, who was 14 across in her semi final game against Marion Reynolds, Joyce Shaw in her first round game against Joyce Asquith when she was in front for all of the game until the final end and Marilyn Greenwood who excelled against Barbara Crompton.

Joyce ran out an easy winner against Christine, in the first semi final, who in turn had played superbly to beat Doreen Allison in their quarter final.

The other semi featured team mates Barbara and Marion.

Barbara beat Marion 15-8 to face Joyce in the final.

Barbara raced off into an 11-4 lead, bowling her favourite pegging marks around the green edges. However when Joyce got the Jack she bowled a tricky falling mark over the crown. As Joyce is left handed Barbara found the road difficult to follow as Joyce bowled with confidence to move into a 14-11 advantage. Barbara won the Jack and proceeded to bowl across the green to level the scores at "all but" across. Barbara went on her favoured thumb peg mark across the green towards the Scratching Shed and bowled a length bowl, Joyce just ran through and with her final bowl was short for Barbara to take the Carter Merit by 15-14.

Thanks to Ann and Joyce for running the competition and to the ladies who supplied the excellent lunch.

The next ladies competition will be in two weeks time when the ladies will be competition for the Connolly Pairs

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Prize-Presentation-2018.jpg - 35.77 kBPhoto of Young Guns, Chloe Hirst and Frank Higgins who are pictured with the club’s Lady President Margot Handsley, who presented the prizes at the club’s prize presentation evening. Chloe and Frank are the Tuesday Evening Pairs Division 2 champions and will be promoted to Division 1 for the Autumn season. Chloe plays for the successful ladies Yorkshire crown green team.

There were two outstanding results in the final week of Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring leagues.

Leading the way were champions Arriva (Les Holmes, Robert Hitchen, Robert Holmes, Graham Wilson) who had a “nip and tuck” encounter against their big rivals Clayton (Tony Riley, Mel Fielding, Paul Kaye, Paul Gill) in the Wednesday Evening Fours. Whoever won the game would be the champions.

Arriva scored a “4” and a “3” in the first two ends leaving Clayton with an uphill task. However Clayton responded by scoring at the next five ends to cut the deficit to 8-6. At this point of the game Arriva showed their superiority as they registered scores at 4 out of the remaining 5 ends to take the game by 13 shots to 8 and become champions with Clayton in the runners up spot.

Rainy Days (Russell Gilbert, Katie Gilbert) in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs registered a “Hot Shots” award in their final game against Brookley (Marilyn Greenwood, Elspeth Hartley), as Rainy Days finished off their season with a 15-6 win.

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Photo of prize winners at Halifax Bowling Club’s Prize Presentation. In photo, centre the club’s Lady President  Margot Handsley, who presented the prizes. Next to Margot , David Holbrook who presented the Sheila Holbrook Pairs trophies to Chloe Hirst and Frank Higgins. The man in the centre in the red jacket is one of the league’s senior players Eddie Hodgson, who won the Division 2 Tuesday Evening Pairs league with Ken Sharkey, playing as Dad & Lad.

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Some of the winners from Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn season prize presentation.

The prizes were presented by the Club’s Lady President Margot Handsley.

It was a week of high drama in the final week of the Autumn season at Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor rinks. Tuesday night saw the leaders of the Division 1 Pairs Valley Boys (Nick Blackburn, Keith Hanson) paired with middle of the league C. Dogs (Ray Clegg and reserve David Boden). In an amazing display of length bowling C. Dogs ran out 19-2 winners leaving Valley Boys looking over their shoulder to see how second in the table Little & Large were faring. Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, Jon Beverley)  were playing the 2 B’s (Bea Grant, Barbara Gee) and had to win their game by more than 5 shots to win the Division 1 title. They looked in superb form as they went into a 7-0 lead, however at the next end with Little & Large holding 6 shots, Gee played a strong bowl into the head to run the jack and give her side a glimmer of hope with a “5”. Little & Large rallied and proceeded to put the pressure on the two ladies as they ran out 16-5 winners and took the Division 1 title, leaving Valley Boys in second place with C. Dogs in third place.

In Division 2 46ers (Derek Finch, Stewart Wright) were playing Engineers( Eric Grant, Stuart Baker) for honours. Engineers rose to the challenge as they ran out 17-5 winners and took the Division 2 title and along with G. 2 (Andrew Gee, John Sharp) will play in Division 1 next season.

The outstanding game in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours was the 9-8 defeat of Northern Lights ( Les Holmes, Mick Walker, Tony Dubai, John Beverley) by Illingworth (Gwyneth Boden, Ken Sharkey, David Boden, David Laycock) Illingworth finished the season in 3rd place. Black Cats (Brian Winrow, Wendal Adams, Doug Hamilton, John Sharp) finished as champions with Rabbits + 2 (Norma Mallinson, Jimmy Bainbridge, Peter Lomax, Con McGinley) in the runners up spot.

The big game in the Wednesday Evening Fours saw Clayton emphasise their superiority over arch rivals Arriva with a narrow 11-9 victory, which gave them a 100% record through the season.

S.I.D. (David Ryding, Ian Ryding, Brian Winrow, Steve Swallow) took the Thursday Evening Triples title with a 12-8 win over True Grit in their final game of the season. Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, David Laycock, John Beverley) were the runners up.

After Christmas the Spring leagues will commence on Wednesday January 3rd with the Wednesday Fours.

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Current league tables, draws and timings

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Current league tables, draws and timings

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Halifax B Champions

What an exciting climax to the season for Halifax “B” who play in Division 2 of the Hebden Royd Vets. In their last game of the season they had to win all their games against Crow Wood Park, to be in with a chance of winning the league. They had to rely on Ripponden to have two winners in their last home game against Hill Crest “B”, the leaders of the League.

Hill Crest “B” had previously emphatically beate

n Halifax “B” twice in their league games.

Halifax, against all odds beat Crow Wood 8-0 and Hill Crest won at Ripponden 6-2, for Halifax to take the title with a superior points difference.

David and Barbara Gee finished 1st and 2nd in the averages.

Next season both the “A” and “B” teams will play in Division 1.

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The outstanding performance of the week in the Halifax Henselite Indoor bowling league Thursday Evening Triples was by Avengers (Jack Summers, Keith Hanson, Nick Blackburn) in their clash against top of the table Arriva (Les Holmes, Mark McGorlick, Dale Holdsworth).

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The spotlight this week falls on the Wednesday Fours in the Halifax Henselite Indoor Bowling leagues. The outstanding performance of the week was by lowly Jack High (Pat Wright, Stephen Lees, David Hardcastle, Jim Graydon) in Division 2 , who had previously only won three games all season as they beat top of the table Ladies (Joyce Depledge, Hazel Garside, Pam Berry, Maywyyne Denby) by 12 shots to 8. Ladies, who had been feeling the pressure of remaining unbeaten during the Spring season, went into an early lead before Jack High with excellent leading from their number 1 player Pat Wright  plus good support play, by the rest of the team, caught up the Ladies  score, went into the lead and retained their advantage to take the game.

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INDOOR BOWLING RESULTS and REPORT from Halifax Bowling Club.    Week 11

 The final of the John Dunn Shield was played between Gareth Coates, “the young pretender” and “the master” Les Holmes. In a thrilling final Coates beat Holmes 17-14.




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INDOOR BOWLING RESULTS and REPORT from Halifax Bowling Club. Week 13


The outstanding performances of the week in the Halifax Henselite Indoor Bowling Leagues were by two ladies teams, Rain Mates (Pam Shaw, Mary Walker, Janis Wright) in the Thursday Evening Triples and Friday Girls (Marion Quick, Doreen Allison, Barbara Crompton) in the Friday Triples. Rain Mates, in the strongest league of all, the Thursday Triples had not won a game all season, but against a two man Avengers (Mick Skwarek, Keith Hanson) who are lying third in the table the ladies upset the odds and in a brilliant performance came out on top by 18 shots to 8.


Friday Girls, lying next to bottom in the Friday Triples league beat third in the table D.W.R.’s (Peter Drinkwater, Ray Wolsey, Derek Williamson) by 13 shots to 10.


Another team to be congratulated are Ladies (Lynda Helliwell, Arvil Humberstone, Pam Berry, Joyce Depledge) in Division 2 of the Wednesday Fours. After finishing bottom of the table in the previous season they have got their act together to win the league. Their narrow win against Vandals (Brian Baker, Geff Wood, Tony Knowles, David Wadsworth) by 10 shots to 9 gave them an unbeatable lead at the top of the table.


With one week left in the Halifax Henselite Indoor Bowling Spring leagues exciting finishes are being played out in several of the leagues.


Spartans (Brian Winrow, Peter Drinkwater, Brian Holder, David Holder) in the Monday Evening Fours have completed their games early and have finished with 20 points from 14 games played. The favourites to win the league are new team Ramblers (Tony Riley, Ian Johnson, Hedley Hettlewell, Will Muslek) who have 19 points with one game to play. However their opponents in their final game are Amethyst (Les Holmes, Sylvia Allott, Pauline Holroyd, Philip Holroyd) who themselves are in with a chance of finishing in third place with 17 points from 13 games played.


Madlams (Malcolm Griffiths, Derek Smith, Mick Walker, Ian Hodges) have completed their games and they have 18 points. In their final game of the season against Spartans, brought forward so as not to interfere with their outdoor season, Madlams found themselves 9-4 down before a single and a “4” brought them back to 9 shots each with one end to play. Spartans rose to the challenge to score a single and take the game by 10 shots to 9. In the game Spartans scored at 8 of the ends compared to Madlams who scored a “3”, a “4” and two singles.


In their game against Avengers (Jack Summers, Keith Hanson, Mick Skwarek, Nick Blackburn), after 8 ends Spartans led by 14 shots to 2 but a fighting comeback by the early leaders saw them win the remaining 5 ends to make the final score 14-12 to Spartans.


Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs is developing into a race between new team Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, John Beverley) and Virgos (Chloe Hirst, David Amitage and reserve Les Holmes). In their latest games Virgos beat( Pat & Pete),Pat and Peter Gant) by 11 shots to 9 and Little & Large registered a 7-2 success against high flying Brigands (David Wadsworth, Stuart Baker). In their final games Little & Large play Golden Girls (Bea Grant, Sue Gormley) and Virgos face Valley Boys (Keith Hanson, Mick Skwarek).


The race for the Division 2 title is between SID (Ian Ryding, Steve Swallow) and Clueless( David Ogden and new partner Jack Summers). Although the two teams have to play one another in a re-arranged game.



The Indoor Prize Presentation will be held on Friday April 15th at 7.30 p.m. when the prizes for the indoor bowling leagues, the John Dunn Knockout Shield and the Sheila Holbrook Pairs trophies will be presented by the club President Jim Graydon and the Lady President Margot Handsley.


Halifax Bowling Club are holding a 4 week bowling course for anyone who would like to “have a go” at crown green bowling. The course began last Monday and will run for 4 weeks. For details please contact Marion Reynolds Hx 618774 or Barbara Gee Hx 203137.


New bowlers are also welcome on a Tuesday morning from April 5th at 10.30a.m. with David Armitage.




Asa Briggs 9 Ramblers 13


Spartans 14 Avengers 12


Phoenix 14 Amethyst 16


Madlams 9 Spartans 10






C Dogs 8 Valley Boys 5


Virgos 11 Pat & Pete 9


Brigands 2 Little & Large 7


Golden Girls 10 Jammy Duo 4




Clueless 13 Engineers 7


Brookley 7 Double D 5


Double D. 6 Engineers 13


B & J. 11 46ers 3





Blue Moon 4 Pacemakers 16


Illingworth 16 Rabbits + 2 7


Guys & Dolls 8 New Look 8


Black Cats 20 Triers 10


Guys & Dolls 9 Triers 10


Blue moon 10 New Look 0


Pacemakers 14 Illingworth 9




Fair of Face 1 Jack High 13


Ladies 10 Vandals 9


Yorkies 12 Foxes 9


Bluebells 10 Vixens 10


Jack High 5 Vixens 14




Saxons 13 Clayton “A”


Arriva 13 Clayton “B” 12


Gapp 14 Rockets 11


Saxons 14 Clayton “B” 11



Clayton 14 Phoenix 11


SID 18 Madlams 9


Rain Mates 18 Avengers 8


Arriva 23 Little & Large 10



3 from 4 14 Surprisers 14


Red Mist 10 Untouchables 0


D.W.R.’s 10 Friday Girls 13


Untouchables 8 Rum Lot 18


Surprisers 20 Bob’s Kingdom 16


New Hotdhots 14 Friends 13


Patacakes 4 G. 2 + 1 18




Asa Briggs 17 Hilltoppers 8


Clayton 27 Gary & Ann 5




The Bro’s 16 Manjimups 3


Adege 13 Manjimups 5


Here’s Hoping 8 Pennine 4


The Bros 1 Wellhouse 12


Eskimos 7 Chatterbox 4


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The final of the Sheila Holbrook Pairs was between two of the best pairs in the game and they produced a superb final.

Holmes won the jack and he set the pattern for the game by bowling a minimum length jack mark. Holmes, was well backed up by partner Philip Holroyd who gave Paul Gill, the skip for the opposition, no option but to send a strong bowl into the head. Gill, an expert at the strong running bowl continued to save shots for his team but with all four players playing to the top of their game Holmes and Holroyd took an early lead and retained their lead throughout the game as they ran out 12-8 winners.

In a superb atmosphere the prizes were presented to the winners by Sheila’s daughter Debbie.

Ramblers (Tony Riley, Paul Kaye, Mel Fielding, Will Muslek) won the Monday Evening Fours league in their first season at the Halifax Henselite Indoor Bowling Club. In their final game of the season they faced past champions Amethyst ( Les Holmes, Pauline Holroyd, Robert Holmes, Philip Holroyd) and in a “nip and tuck” encounter came out on top by 10 shots to 6.

The other new team in the league Asa Briggs (Colin Foord, Andy Heenan, Glen McCafferty, Myles Summers) signed off the season in style with a 20 –11 win over Don’t Be Short (Eric Grant, Ron Bax, Val Bax, Barbara Nellis).

In Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs, leaders SID (David and Ian Ryding) struggled to beat Brookley (MarilynGrenwood, Rhonda Horner), but in their vital top of the table clash against a strong Clueless (Jack Summers, David Ogden), they rose to the challenge and ran out 8-5 winners to become the champions and play in Division 1 in the Autumn leagues. Clueless will also be promoted.

Black Cats (Sue Gormley, Wendal Adams, Newman Fawley, Jack Orley) became the Division 1 champions in the Wednesday Fours with an exciting 16-11 success against New Look (Dougie Gordon, Doreen Allison, Barbara Crompton, Ian Sutcliffe). Blue Moon (Guy Dixon, Marilyn Greenwood, Di Dixon, Peter Greenwood) have escaped relegation with a 20-7 success against Guys & Dolls (Eileen Dovernor, Ron Bax, Jeff Dovernor, Val Bax). After gaining promotion in the Autumn league Guys and Dolls along with Triers (Peter Richardson, John Palmer, Roy Greenwood, Eddie Hirst) will be relegated to Division 2.

Rabbits + 2 (Jimmy Bainbridge, Norma Mallinson, Peter Lomax, Con McGinley), champions in the Autumn have had an excellent first season in Division 1, finishing in third place. In their last game of the season they beat Triers by 12 shots to 8.

Champions of Division 2 ,Ladies (June Barron, Avril Humberstone, Jennifer Templeton, Maywyyne Denby) were held to a 7 all draw in their final game against Yorkies (Pauline Ward, Joan Dunn, John West, Mary Walker). 

The Indoor Prize Presentation will be held tonight at 7.30 p.m. when the prizes for the indoor bowling leagues, the John Dunn Knockout Shield and the Sheila Holbrook Pairs trophies will be presented by the club President Jim Graydon and the Lady President Margot Handsley.

Halifax Bowling Club welcome anyone who wants to have a go at crown green bowling to their Monday morning sessions withBarbara Gee (01422 203137) and a Tuesday morning at 11.00a.m. with David Armitage.


Avengers 13 Phoenix 12

Ramblers 10  Amethyst 6

Don’t be Short 11  Asa Briggs 20



Little & Large 8  Golden Girls 10

Pat & Pete 3  Jammy Duo  11

Valley Boys 10  Pat & Pete 4


SID 8  Clueless 5

SID 8  Brookley 7

Dad & Lad 3  B & J.7

46ers 6  Engineers 5



Blue Moon 15  Guys & Dolls 6

New Look 11  Black Cats 16

Blue Moon 20  Guys & Dolls 7

Rabbits + 2  12  Triers 8

Guys & dolls 12  Rabbits + 2  12


Vandals 17  Bluebells 3

Ladies 7  Yorkies 7


Saxons 13  Rockets 12


Clayton 10  Arriva 0

Clayton 46  Rain Mates 3

Phoenix 11  SID 16


3 from 4  10  Funny Girls 15

G. 2 + 1  15  D.W.R.’s 11

Rabbits 15  Rum Lot 16

Red Mist 16  Rabbits 9


Gimpes 7  T.N.T. 18

Gary & Ann 6  Asa Briggs 10

Gimpes 7  H.L.I. 11

Hilltoppers 14 T.N.T. 9

H.L.I. 7  Hilltoppers 14

Phoenix 10  Gimpes 0

Phoenix 19  Gary & Ann 6


Adege 9  The Bro’s 3

Chatterbox 7 Pennine 5

Wellhouse 21  Eskimos 0

Manjimups 3  Here’s Hoping.

Wellhouse 12  Eskimos 3

Eskimos 6  Pennine 8

Adege 5  Wellhouse 12

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The outstanding performance of the week in the Halifax Henselite Indoor Bowling leagues was in the Friday Triples when Friends (Pauline Ward, Sue Gormley, Joyce Shaw) became the first team in 2016 to beat the champions Red Mist (Les Holmes, Philip Holroyd, Keith Hatzer). With all the ladies playing to their true potential the game was “nip and tuck”, before Red Mist scored a “4”. However the ladies fought back and at the last end held a 15-13 advantage. Red Mist could only manage a single at the last end to make the final score 15-14 to Friends. Red Mist and Patacakes are leading the table with 14 points from 8 games played. Red Mist however have a superior points difference of +112 compared to Patacakes points difference of +60.

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Indoor Bowling Results    Week 9

 SID (Ian Ryding and son David), newcomers to the  Halifax Henselite Tuesday Evening Pairs Division 2 are setting the pace at the top of the table. In their latest game they came from behind to beat relegated Double D. (Dougie Parker, Stuart Gill) by 8 shots to 4. Superb leading by David set the foundations for the win. Pat & Pete (Pat and Peter Grant), lying bottom of Division 1 faced league leaders Brigands (David Wadsworth, Stuart Baker) and in a most impressive display ran out 11-4 winners.


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New indoor bowling players. Andrew Gee and John Sharp.

In their first indoor season, Gee and Sharp are setting the pace in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs. Gee and Sharp play for G. 2 in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs.

Sharp also plays for Rascals in the Monday Afternoon Fours and Black Cats in the Wednesday Fours. Sharp is also a member of the winter bowling team Kingston, who are riding high in Division 2 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter bowling league.

As the Autumn season comes to another successful conclusion, one of the features of the past season has been the impact that new players have made on the league.

One new team in the Tuesday Evening Pairs league are G. 2 (Gee, Sharp) who were both new to indoor bowling. The players made a slow start to the season as they found the fast indoor carpet made it difficult to get their length. However over the last few games they have registered several important wins. In their recent game they bowled superbly against the leaders of the Division, 46ers (Derek Finch, Stewart Wright). 46ers have led the division for most of the season but found the short marks played by Gee and Sharp difficult to control as G. 2 went into an 18-0 lead. At the last end 46ers scored a “3”, to make the final score 18-3.

In their final game 46ers are up against Engineers (Eric Grant, Stuart Baker) while G. 2 play Dad & Lad.

All will depend on the outcome of these games who plays in Division 1 in the Spring.

Other new players who have made an impact are new player to the Halifax rinks, Robert Hitchen who has helped Arriva to another successful season. Hitchen has previously played at Huddersfield Indoor Bowling Centre.

Gary Plant, Steve Dunwell, Jennifer Plant and Chris Dunwell are making their mark in the indoor bowling leagues. Gary Plant has played for Avengers in the Monday Evening Fours and Steve and Chris Dunwell have assisted Triers in the Monday Afternoon league. All four players will have their own team after Christmas as playing as “The Larks”, they are playing in the Thursday Evening Triples and The Friday Triples.

Frank Higgins, a newcomer to bowling has improved as he plays for Young Guns with Yorkshire Ladies crown green player Chloe Hirst in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs and has also played along side Keith Hatzer in the Wednesday Evening Fours  League, (Up the Edge) with other Yorkshire representative players.

Huddersfield based players Katie and Russ Gilbert, who play as Rainy Days have enjoyed their first season in the indoor leagues and will also play in the Saturday Pairs league after Christmas.

David Craven, Ray Davis and Lorraine Boulton have also enjoyed a successful first season as along with the experienced Rodney Collinge and Derek Finch, playing as The Rockets, they have finished in second place in Division 2 of the Wednesday Triples and will test their skills in Division 1 in the Spring season.

Three  new bowlers who are showing improvment are Liz Elford, Mary Barmby and Maurice Thorp who have been playing several times a week. The trio play along side Paul Andrew and Maura Graydon as Yorkies in the Monday Afternoon Fours. They also play in the Saturday Pairs as First Timers.

Stuart Coates, new to indoor bowling has played alongside Marian Firth and Gordon Akroyd in the Monday Evening Fours and with Light Relief In the Thursday Evening Triples. Coates is a ten pin bowler and has found the change of pace most interesting.

John Hamer and  Pam Robinson are  enjoying their first indoor season with Spartans in the Monday Evening Fours.

Hopefully all these new players will  maintain  their improvement and enjoyment.

Entries are now been taken for the John Dunn Singles Knockout competition and the Sheila Holbrook Pairs, which will commence in January. The entry forms are in the Indoor Bowling Hall.

After Christmas the Spring leagues will commence on Wednesday January 3rd with the Wednesday Fours.

The Friday Triples and the Saturday Pairs will now be divided into two divisions such is the difference in the standard of play.

Fixtures for the Spring season are available in the indoor bowling hall.

Halifax Bowling Club indoor members are making their mark on “crown on flat” competitions. These competitions are played on indoor rinks, players wear indoor shoes but play with crown green  bowls and play using crown green rules. In the recent Doncaster “ “Crown on Flat”, competitors included Gareth Coates, Philip Holroyd and Les Holmes. The winner of the competition was Holmes who beat Chris Haynes in the final. Holmes bowled superbly on a short mark through out the competition.

Several Halifax players will be competing in the Scarborough “Crown on Flat” to be played Thursday December 28th.

document INDOOR BOWLING RESULTS Jan 2020 (Week 4)

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INDOOR BOWLING RESULTS Jan 2020 (Week 4).docx

Photo of G. 2 + A. 2 skip Andrew Gee . Gee is also the skip for champions Bowl You Over in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening pairs. He is partnered by Tom Robertshaw.

There were two outstanding games in Halifax Bowling Club’s Monday Afternoon’s fours with the last few ends as exciting as the Mens Singles Final at Potters!

Unbeaten  G. 2 + A. 2 (Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, Alan Fleming, Andrew Gee) found themselves 12-3 down in their game against an inspired Rascals (Jean Wade, Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock). An excellent team performance by Rascals , with skip Laycock outstanding, had completely dominated the game and looked to be heading for victory. However when G. 2 + A. 2 eventually won the jack Barbara Gee, the lead player for her team took the mat up the rink to bowl a 24 metre mark and so the fightback began, With Rascals still in front at 12-9, G. 2 + A. 2 were holding a “3” before Laycock bowled in for “shot” to make the score 13-9 with two ends to play. At the penultimate end G. 2 + A. 2 rose to the occasion and were holding “2” shots before Laycock pushed a bowl in for a “3”, Andrew Gee, the skip for G. 2 + A. 2  bowled in two more shots for a “5” to G. 2 + A 2, to go in front for the first time at 13-14.

The final end saw Bainbridge and Fleming bowl in shots for G. 2 + A. 2 , the players hardly dare watch as skip Laycock sent his bowls. However his first wood was wide and his second wood short as Andrew Gee bowled in for a “3” and G. 2 + A. 2 ran out 17-13 winners leaving Rascals to reflect on “how they lost the game!”.

Another exciting game featured  leaders Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Gary Plane, Steve Dunwell, Nick Blackburn) and unbeaten Rabbits (Con McGinley, Derek Finch, Newman Fawley, Jack Orley). Rabbits raced off in top form and went 7-3 up. Blackburn, the skip for Well Bowled had saved 4 shots at one end as Well Bowled found themselves under pressure. However Winrow, the lead player for Well Bowled and one of the most consistent leaders in the game found his length and line as the sides drew level at 7 shots each and then Well Bowled scored at the remaining ends to run out16-7 winners.

It was all change at the top of Division 2 in the Friday Triples when the unbeaten leaders Sutty’s Heroes (John Sutcliffe, Peter Atherton, Douggie Gordon) lost their 100% unbeaten record to struggling Larks (Garry Plane, Jennifer Plane, Brian Pickles). Larks raced off into an early lead with superb leading by their lead player Gary Plane, who was well supported by his wife Jennifer and skip Pickles. Sutty’s Heroes pulled the score line back to 10-6 and looked to be well on top before Pickles, the skip for Larks, raised his game to bowl in several important bowls as Larks ran out 16-11.

Sutty’s Heroes lost the top spot in the division to Bob’s Kingdom ( Carol Onions, reserve Pauline Breslin, David Onions), who had an exciting encounter with bottom of the leagues Planes (Milly Wheelwright, Linda Lees, Donald Rawson). Planes went into an early 5-1 lead before Bob’s Kingdom replied with two pairs and a “3” to take an 8-5 advantage. From this point of the game it was “nip and tuck” before Bob’s Kingdom ran out narrow 11-9 winners. Bob’s Kingdom and Sutty’s Heroes were relegated in the autumn league but both teams look set to regain their division 1 status. Both teams have scored 8 points from 5 games played but Bob’s Kingdom have a superior points difference.

Springers and Rockets were both relegated from Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours but the teams have made contrasting starts to their Spring campaign. Rockets (Derek Finch, Steve Archer, Lorraine Boulton, Rodney Collinge) have made an excellent start to the season with 4 wins from 4 games played. Their latest win was a narrow 12-10 win over the experienced Guys & Dolls (Eileen Dovernor, Ron Bax, Jeff Dovernor, Donald Rawson).

Springers (Joyce Depledge, Wendy Garside, Avril Humberstone, Christine Butler), in contrast are struggling to find their form. Languishing at the bottom of the table they  won their first game of the season  with a 10-8 success against Jack High (Pat Wright, Janet Bull, Stuart Coates, Barry Wright).

Madlams (Gordon Bradford, Stuart Baker, Mick Walker) are setting the pace in the Thursday Evening Triples, with 5 wins from their 5 games played. Match of the week in the division was the 13-11 win by Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, Ian Smith, David Laycock) over high flying SID ( Brian Winrow, John Sharp, Ian Ryding).




K.9’s 16  Black Jacks 5

Yorkies 6  Luddites 20

Hard Lines 12 Ever Hopeful 6

Well Bowled 16 Rabbits 7

A’s & B’s 4  Dodgers 30

Rascals 13  G. 2 + A. 2  17



Don’t Be Short 7  Up the Edge 24

Spartans 7  Amethyst 27

Madlams 16 One Direction 4





46ers 4  Bowl You Over 9

C. Dogs 12   2 B’s 5

Dad & Lad 5  SID 12


Rainy days 4 Bee Hives 8




Northern Lights 21 Endeavour 6

Illingworth 6 Knockelly Stars 10

Vixens 25 Beta Blockers 7

Hard Liners 4  Black Cats 22



New Look 5  Fair of Face 14

Springers 10  jack High 8

Kingsley 7  Yorkies 12

Guys & Dolls 10  Rockets 12



Light Rlelief 5 Arriva 33

The Jets 13  Gapp 9

Clayton 23  GBC 4

Saxons 5 Up the Edge 22


Clayton 24  Avengers 6

Madlams 25  Light Relief 8

Hotpots 8  True Grit 23

SID 11  Little 7 Large 13




Untouchables 11  New Patacakes 16

Red Mist 19 Rabbits 10

Hotshots 14 True Grit 13

G. 2 + 1  19  Knockelly Stars 10



Kingsley 20  Changers 9

The Fridays 9  Friends 11

Bob’s Kingdom 11 Planes 9

Larks 16 Sutty’s Heroes 11




Clayton 8 Blue Woods 7

C. Dogs 26 Sisters 7

T.N.T. 18 M.G.M. 9


Wellhouse 23  Marbles 9

Eskimos 12  Pennine V.I.  7

Phoenix 5  Red Woods 14



T. & A. 20  Manjimups 3

Chatterbox 13 2 A’s 2

Ponders 1  Here’s Hoping 12

First timers 5  Ghurkas 14

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The draw has been made for the Sheila Holbrook Pairs competition.

Preliminary rounds are- Scott Smith & Tom Gasson v Peter Grant & Danny Leather, David Laycock & Marian Quick v Mick Walker & Andrew Gee, Paul Gill & Paul Kaye v Chloe Hirst and partner, Ian Smith & Brian Winrow v John Hamer & David Holder.

First round- Tony Riley & Gareth Coates v Pauline Holroyd & Heather Smith, Trevor Gasson & Keith Hatzer , Les Holmes & Phil Holroyd.

The draw for the John B. Dunn Singles Shield is-Preliminary round, Gareth Coates v Frank Higgins, Trevor Gasson v Paul Gill, Pauline Holroyd v Chloe Hirst

First round- Derek Finch, David Laycock, Scott Smith, Les Holmes, Peter Grant v Tom Gasson, John Hamer v John Crowson, Tony Riley, Mick Walker, Ian Smith v Danny Leather, Philip Holroyd v the winner of the preliminary game Gareth Coates or Frank Higgins.

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The spotlight, on the first week of the season falls on the Thursday Evening Triples in the Autumn season of the Indoor Bowlling Leagues at Halifax Bowling Club.


Clayton (Andy Tate, Mel Fielding, Paul Gill) faced their old rivals Arriva (Les Holmes, mark McGorlick, Gareth Coates) in their opening fixture which resulted in an emphatic 21-11 success for Clayton.


In their second game  of the season, Clayton (Tony Riley, Andy Tate, Paul Gill) found themselves 12-6 down in their game against Avengers (Keith Hanson, Mick Skwarek, Nick Blackburn), In an amazing end Clayton showed why they are star performers as they registered a “6” to draw the score level. Gill, the skip for Clayton, had played his part in the game as over four ends he had saved seven shots for his team. Clayton eventually ran out 15-14 winners.


Phoenix( David Ogden, David Atkinson, Michael Hutchinson) made it two wins out of two games played, as in their first game they beat Avengers 11-10, and they followed this narrow victory up with a  17-10 success against Little & Large (Simon Rothwell, John Holden, John Beverley).


New teams in the Friday Triples, True Grit (T. James, J. Phillips, Brian Hoult) and Kingsley (Jean Nilan, Kath Kaye, Tom Nilan) both registered emphatic wins in their first games on the Halifax Indoor Rinks. Kingsley Beat Bob’s Kingdom (Bob Kingdom, Val Kingdom, John West) by 20 shots to 11 and True Grit beat the Untouchables (Dave Brown, Michael Calvert, Ron Bax) by 29 shots to 14.


There is a session for anyone who would like to “Have a go” at Indoor Bowling on a Monday morning at 11.00 a.m.







Madlams 24  Rockets 2


Don’t Be Short 9  Avengers 24


Spartans 9  Phoenix 11


Amethyst 13 Ramblers 13









Brigands 8 Golden Girls 13


SID 7  Little & Large 8


Jammy Duo 1  Young Guns 20






Pat & Pete 4 46ers 9


Brookley 5  Valley Boys 15


Dad & Lad 8 Double D. 4









Northern Lights 17  New Look 7






Hard Liners 17  Vixens 4


Vandals 13  Jack High 9





 Saxons 16  Rockets 6


Arriva 29  Gapp 7




Clayton 21 Arriva 11


SID 18  Little & Large 8


Light Relief 14  Madlams 13


Phoenix 11 Avengers 10


SID 16  Madlams 16


Light Relief 6 Arriva 38


Phoenix 17  Little & Large 10


Clayton 15  Avengers 14




Untouchables 14  True Grit 29


Bob’s Kingdom 11  Kingsley 20


Red Mist 30  Knock Kelly  Stars 7


G. 2 + 1 23  Surprisers 8





Phoenix 13  The Millers 10


The Millers 23  T.N.T. 7




 The Bro’s 1  Eskimos 15


The Millers 14  Here’s Hoping 3


Wellhouse 13  Pennine 3


Manjimups 2  Chatterbox 17



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INDOOR BOWLING RESULTS Week 1 and 2 Sept 2018.doc

Indoor bowlers returned to Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn season, with several players still playing outside, some players found it hard to adjust their game to the fast indoor rinks.

108 teams are playing in the leagues with several new players playing their first league games.

The Saturday Pairs had been divided into two leagues, the “Shield” and the “Plate”. In the “Shield “ league the pairs play for an hour and a half and in the “Plate “ league the players play for just an hour.

A new pair of Eddie and Renata Eyres playing as Bee Hives, made a superb start to their indoor bowling campaign as in the Saturday “Shield” they beat the experienced The Guys (Phillip Hallowell, Barry Stowe) by 16 shots to 11. The pair are also playing in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs, as they have taken over the fixtures of The Hollies and in the Monday Evening Fours, where they are playing as One Direction along with M. Keaskin. Millie Wheelright and A. Booth. They were given a lesson by champions Amethyst (Pauline Holroyd, Mark McGorlick, new indoor bowling member Ian Smith and Philip Holroyd) as Amethyst came out on top by 26 shots to 5.

Another new indoor bowling member Danny Leather has made a confident start to the season. He helped his team Avengers (Steve Rothwell, Gary Plane, Leather, Nick Blackburn) defeat Don’t Be Short (Ann Robinson, Del Haigh, Michael Calvert, Gary Robinson), in the Monday Evening Fours by 15 shots to 11.

An outstanding result for Avengers was in the Thursday Evening Triples when Keith Hanson,Leather and Blackburn beat Clayton (Tony Riley, Mel Fielding, Paul Gill) by 16 shots to 14.

There is a “starter” session on a Monday morning at 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon for anyone wanting to “have a go” at indoor bowling.


Madlams 16  Rockets 5

Don’t Be Short 11  Avengers 15

Amethyst 26  One Direction 5



SID 7 Little & Large 13

Young Guns 13  Dad & Lad 4

C. Dogs 8  Pat & pete 5

Valley Boys 5  2 B’s 10


Engineers 14  Double D. 3



Northern Lights 12  Rockets 10

Illingworth 15 New Look 4


Springers 11 Fair of Face 20

Kingsley 6  Jack High 6

Foxes 17  Yorkies 10

Guys & Dolls 13  Triers 9


Saxons 19  The Jets 7

Light Relef 18  G.B.C. 1


SID 13  Little & large 11

Light Relief 8  Madlams 23

True Grit 5  Avengers 14

SID 9  Madlams 12

True Grit 15  Little & Large 18

Clayton 14  Avengers 16



Red Mist 16  New Hotshots 6

New Patacakes 20  Friday Girls 4

Rabbits 20  G. 2 + 1  10

Rabbits 10  Friends 14

Red Mist 18  Friday Girls 8

D.W.R.’s 7  New Hotshots 23

New Patacakes 12  G. 2 + 1  15


Knock Kelly Stars 10  Larks 10

Knock Kelly Stars 11  Sutty’s Heroes 11

True Grit 9 Untouchables 8


Clayton 27 HLI 1

Gary & Pat 8  M.G.M. 11

T.N.T. 29  Sisters 5



The Guys 11  Bee Hives 16

Rainy Days 14  Red Woods 9


T. & A. 13  Chatterbox 2

Ponders 1  2 A’s 12

Manjimups 3  J. & M. 9

First Timers 3  Here’s Hoping 7