Photo of Simply the Best. (front from left Lynn Carter, Linda Gledhill, Maureen Beaumont, back Julie Best, Alan Carter). Simply the Best are second in Division 2, 7 points behind Fiery Jacks.

Ray Clegg of Four Play (Dave Russell,, Keith Hanson, Derek Williamson) was the week’s star performer in Division 1 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league. Four Play were up against leaders Clayhouse (Peter Oliver, Paul Gill, Alan Peel, Hedley Kettlewell).Clegg turned in a superb performance to beat Kettlewell 21-3 as his team mates all lost their games, Hanson managed to score 19 points against Gill as Clayhouse ran out 18-12 winners.

After this slip up by Clayhouse, second in the table  Whirls Wizards ( Shirley Dillingham, David Frost, Martin Skuse, Lorraine Hirst) moved to within 1 point of the leaders as they registered a 20-16 point win over lowly Pellon (Paul Firth, David Gowing, Keith Barker, David Agnew). Pellon had two winners Gowing beat Frost 21-20 and Barker beat Skuse by the same score.

 Photo of Lindley’s Peter Hopkinson and Pellon’s Paul Firth as they look and see “Who is on?” at one of their ends.

An outstanding game between the “top two” teams in Division 1 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league was the main fixture in last

Thursdays games. Clayhouse (Paul Gill, Ian Johnson, Tommy Harney, Hedley Kettlewell) were up against challengers Whirls Wizards (Shirley Dillingham, Lorraine Hirst, David Frost, Martin Skuse). Both teams had two winners each, Gill and Kettlewell for Clayhouse and Hirst and Frost for Whirls Wizards. However Gill restricted Dillingham to 14 points and Skuse only scored 16 points against Kettlewell as Clayhouse ran out 19-17 winners to increase their lead at the top of the table to 3 points, having scored 80 points from their 4 games played. Whirls Wizards are 3 points behind on 77 points from their 4 games played.

Steve-Webster-1.jpg - 63.28 kBPhoto  of Halifax “Extra’s” captain Steve Webster. In his recent game he beat Blue Sox player Elspeth Hartley 21-18.

The top game in week 3 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter  league , was that in Division 2 where the two unbeaten teams Fiery Jacks (Gordon Bradford, Brian Needham, Ian Crossland, Mick Walker) and Simply the Best (Linda Gledhill, Julie Best, Lynn Carter, Julie Mallinson) were in opposition. Both teams were relegated last season and both teams are favourites to return to Division 1. Julie Best was the star performer for the all ladies team as she beat Needham 21-10, however her team mates could not rise to the challenge as Gledhill lost 21-16 against Bradford, Mallinson managed 17 points against Walker and Carter lost 21-10 to the corner bowling of Crossland. Fiery Jacks ran out 22-14 winners.

FieryJacks now lead the Division 2 table with 64 points from their 3 games played, Simply the Best are in second place with 59 points and Unbelievabowl have moved into third place on 56 points.