A’s & B’s 6  Rabbits 16

Luddites 9  Dodgers 12

Black Jacks 9  G. 2 + A. 2  18

Rascals 17 Ever Hopeful 6

K.9’s 9  Well Bowled 14

Yorkies 3  Hard Lines 18


Mavericks 18  Simply the Best 11

Lindley 20  Whirls Wizards 12

Four Play 15  Rabbits Revenge 21

Clayhouse 19  Fiery Jacks 15


Halifax Ladies 12  Pirates 21

Halifax Extra 13  Blue Sox 21

Tykes 10  Sowerby 21

Pellon 24  Kingston 8

Photos of Pairs, Sisters (Del Haigh, delivering her bowl with Val Bax watching behind.) and their opponents T.N.T. (Pete Grant delivering bowl watched by partner Neil Mort).

There were three excellent “nip and tuck” games in week 1 of the Wednesday Evening Fours at Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring leagues. One of the best games ever seen on the indoor rinks featured Arriva (Les Holmes, Graham Hickey, Robert  Holmes, Graham Wilson ) and Saxons (David Armitage, Peter Lomax, Peter Greenwood, David Laycock). The game commenced with a full length mark with Arriva dominating play but Saxons having one player at each end successful with one bowl to prevent Arriva from scoring.  At the 9th end Arriva were holding a “3” before the number 3 for Saxons, Greenwood ran the jack towards his teams bowls to score a “5”. However the skip for Arriva, Wilson played a superb bowl to reduce the deficit to a “2” leaving Saxons  holding a 7-3 advantage with 3 ends to play. The next end saw Arriva scoring a single to pull the lead back to 7-4. Skip Wilson then asked Holmes to lead a short mark with the mat on the “T”. This tactic proved most successful as Arriva scored a “6” to take the lead at 10-7. At the final end Saxons could only manage a “2” to make the final score 10-9 to Arriva. A superb game with excellent bowls by both teams.