There were two outstanding results in week 11 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter bowling league.

Last year’s champions Clayhouse (Paul Gill, Andy Peal, Ian Johnson, Hedley Kettlewell) found Whirls Wizards (Lorraine Hirst, B. Gartside, D. Frost, M. Skuse) in top form as Hirst led the way for her team with a 21-16 win over Gill. Frost and Skuse also registered wins over Johnson by 21-12 and Skuse by 21-15 as Whirls Wizards ran out 21-14 winners to increase their lead at the top of the division.

Whirls Wizards have scored 198 points from their 10 games played with Clayhouse and Lindley on 181 points with 5 games left to play. Simply the Best (145 points) and Rabbits Revenge (160 points) are in the relegation spots. Although Four Play are also in trouble having scored 161 points and also having to play Clayhouse twice. Fiery Jacks (David Kaye, Brian Needham, Gordon Bradford, N. Oddy) had three winners in their 22-13 win over Rabbits Revenge (Dave Pollard, Trevor Hargreaves, Fred Rothwell, Mike Benson) to move one point ahead of Four Play.

Photo of some of the winners at the Indoor Bowling Presentation held at the club on Friday evening.


1st-Well Bowled


3rd-G. 2 + A. 2

4th K.9’s

 Picture of Christine Butler. Christine plays for Springers in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and Hard Lines in the Monday Afternoon Fours.

The Monday Afternoon Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues saw an action packed afternoon with the top teams in opposition.

Rascals (Jean wade, Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock) were given a “master class” in leading by Peter Richardson the lead player for Luddites (Richardson, Stuart Gill, David Illingworth, Ray Wolsey). Luddites turned a 7-5 deficit into a 11-7 advantage, before rascals fought back with a “3” to make the score 11-10 moving into the final end. A Superb bowl by Gill, the number 2 player for Luddites proved “shot” as after a measure Luddites claimed a single to win the game by 12 shots to 10.