Strollers played third from bottom of the league Lindley (Richard Saunders, Paul Cooney, Mark Sykes, Peter Hopkinson). Lomax and Hartley turned in most impressive performances as Lomax beat Sykes  and Hartley defeated Hopkinson , both games by the minimum of margins 21-20. For Lindley, Cooney beat Keith Hartley 21-20 and Saunders narrowly defeated Pickles 21-19 as Lindley ran out 20-19 winners. Their points scored  in the game was  82-81 to Lindley in the closest game of the winter league.

Clayhouse (Paul Gill, Andy Peel, Ian Johnson, Hedley kettlewell) increased their lead at the top of the table to 8 points as they beat Mavericks (Peter Krenc, Steve Wandiak, Eric McGinnis, Steve Holmes) 24-14.

In Division 2 Simply the Best ( Julie Best, Linda Gledhill, Lynn Carter, Mick Carter) and Fiery Jacks (Brian Needham, Gordon Bradford, Mick Walker, Ian Crossland)  played out an epic game with Best and Gledhill the outstanding players. Best beat Needham 21-1 and Gledhill ran out a 21-15 winner against the previously unbeaten Bradford. Walker and Crossland were the winners for fiery Jacks with wins over Lynn Carter and her husband Mick. The teams finished with 15 points each. After this game the teams have played 10 matches and Fiery Jacks have accumulated 223 points to Simply the Bests’ 216.

The battle for third place is between Tykes and Unbelievabowl. In their latest games both teams registered wins by the maximum score line. Tykes (Gary Robinson, Michael Hutchinson, Patrick O’Connor, Robert Dean) beat Kingston (Steve Clifford, Roger Grey, Jack Shaw, Stuart Sykes) 24-8 and Unbelieveabowl  beat Halifax Ladies 24-6. Tykes are 2 points ahead with 4 games remaining. However both teams have still to play the “top two” and much will depend if either team can score valuable points in those games.



Four Play 17 Whirls Wizards

Lindley 20  Strollers 19

Rabbits Revenge 20  Pellon 16

Mavericks 14  Clayhouse 24

Lindley 10  Clayhouse 20

Strollers 10  Whirls Wizards 19

Four Play 11  Pellon  19

Rabbits Revenge 14 Mavericks 18


Kingston 6  Simply the Best 24

Fiery Jacks 24  Blue Sox 4

Halifax Ladies 6  Tykes 24

Unbelievable Bowl 22  Halifax “Extra “ 14

Unbelievabowl 24  Halifax Ladies 5

Halifax “Extra” 15 Blue Sox 20

Kingston 8  Tykes 24

Fiery Jacks 15 Simply the Best  15