In the latest games the teams have now changed greens. Division 1 have moved onto green 2 and Division 2 are playing their games on green 1.

In Division 2 Unbelievabowl ( Barbara Gee, Sandra Cooper, Nick Oddy, Sheridan Patterson) and Tykes (Michael Hutchinson, Martin Forster, David Hardcastle, Gary Robinson) are level on 130 points  after their latest  game. On a cold winter’s morning Barbara Gee and Nick Oddy starred for Unbelievabowl as Gee beat the experienced Hutchinson 21-8 and Oddy defeated Hardcastle 21-12. For Tykes ,Forster played his usual “corner to corner” game  as he out threw Cooper and in an exciting game Robinson beat the vastly improved Patterson 21-17. Unbelievaowl took the honours 16-15.

Kingston ( Stuart Sykes, Roger Grey, S. Clifford, Jack Shaw) and Blue Sox ( Pat Grant, Elspeth Hartley, Peter Gregory, Peter Grant) played out a thrilling 15-14 success to Blue Sox. The stars for Blue Sox were Gregory and Peter Grant. Gregory  beat Clifford 21-10 and Grant defeated Shaw 21-4. Clifford was making his first appearance in winter bowling for Kingston. Pete Grant beat Shaw 21-4 as Sykes and Grey were the winners for Kingston.

In Division 1 Whirls Wizards (Lorraine Hirst, Robert Garside, David Frost, Martin Skuse) and  Clayhouse (Tommy Harney, Ian Johnson, Peter Oliver, Alan Peel) are level at the top of the table with 155 points from 8 games played.

Clayhouse registered a 21-16 win  against Pellon (Robert Walker,  Mark Bolton, David Gowing, P. Firth) and Whirls Wizards beat third in the table Rabbits Revenge (David Hemsley, Trevor Hargreaves, Martin Benson, Fred Rothwell) 18-16.  Both teams had two winners each. Hemsley and Hargreaves for Rabbits Revenge and Skuse and Frost for Whirls Wizards.

It is very close at the bottom of the division. Lindley (Paul Cooney, Peter Hopkinson, Mark Sykes,Richard Saunders) and Mavericks (Peter Krenc, Eric McGinnis, Steve Wandiak, Steve Holmes) played out an exciting game in which both teams had two winners each. Krence beat Cooney 21-15 and McGinnis defeated Hopkinson 21-20, for Lindley, Sykes and Saunders registered wins as Sykes beat Wandiak 21-7  and Saunders defeated Holmes 21-14.Lindley took the game 18-15. This win for Lindley means that they have moved out of “the bottom two” having scored 127 points.  Pellon are now in the relegation spot on 126 points with Strollers being anchored at the bottom of the table on 92 points.



Clayhouse 21  Pellon 16

Lindley 18  Mavericks 15

Four Play 21 Strollers 12

Rabbits Revenge 16  Whirls Wizards 18


Kingston 14  Blue Sox 15

Unbelievabowl 16 Tykes 15

Fiery Jacks 24  Halifax “Extra” 3

Halifax Ladies 2  Simply the Best 24