Avril Humberstone was joined by Spring Hall team mates, Margaret Adamson, capt, Neil Dickie and Peter Gregory as their team “Blue Sox” t were up against  ‘Kingston ‘ (W. Rust, Christine Midgley, J. Shaw, Steve Sykes). Blue Sox registered 3 wins as Dickie beat Midley 21-12, Gregory defeated Sykes 21-19 and Humberstone ran out a 21-14 winner against Shaw. Blue Sox took the honours 19-13.

The other relegated team Simply the Best (Linda Gledhill, Julie Best, Linda Carter, Julie Mallinson) were too strong for Halifax Ladies (Ann Oates, Barbara Crompton, Mavis Walker, Lynda Canning) as the experienced ladies team ran out 24-8 winners. Oates had the best score for Halifax ladies as she scored 17 points against Gledhill.

Andrew Gee  was the outstanding player for new team “Unbelievabowl” as his team drew 16 points each against Tykes (Patrick O’Connor, Ken Piggot, Les Robinson, Gary Robinson, Robert Dean),. Andrew beat Dean 21-9 and was supported by Sandra Cooper who did well to beat O’Connor 21-19. Nick Oddy and Sheridan Patterson lost their games to Piggot and Robinson.

In Division 1 champions Clayhouse ( Paul Gill,  T. Harvey, Hedley Kettlewell, Ian Johnson) got off to a superb start as they beat newly promoted  Pellon (P. Firth, David Gowing, Robert Walker, David Agnew) by the maximum score of 24 points to 9.

The other promoted team Strollers (Pat Skene, Glenda Hartley, Peter Lomax, Keith Hartley) fared no better than Pellon as they lost 24-9 to the experienced Four Play (Ray Clegg, Derek Williamson, Dave Russell, Geoff  Hughes).

The outstanding team in Division 1 were Mavericks (Peter Krenc, Steve Wandiak, Jason Greenwood, Eric McGinnis) who beat Lindley 22-14. Lindley (Pat Cooney, R. Saunders, P. Hopkinson, Mark Sykes), who finished third in last winter’s competition, had no answer to the Mavericks team with only Wandiak losing his game 12-19 to Saunders.

The last game in Division 1 featured a 16 all draw between Rabbits Revenge (L. Harris, Fred Rothwell, M. Benson, Dave Pollard) and last season’s runners up Whirls Wizards (Lorraine Hirst, Shirley Dillingham, R. Gartside, M. Skuse). Hirst and Skuse were the winners for Whirls Wizards and Rothwell and Benson replied for Rabbits Revenge.



Rabbits Revenge 16  Whirls Wizards 16

Four Play 24  Strollers 9

Lindley 14  Mavericks 22

Clayhouse 24  Pellon 9


Fiery Jacks 20  Halifax “Extra” 9

Kingston 13  Blue Sox 19

Halifax Ladies 8  Simply the Best 24

Unbelievabowl 16  Tykes 16