The big game in the Monday Afternoon Fours featured the top two teams, the Autumn champions, Well Bowled (Gary Plane, Steve Dunwell, Brian Winrow, Nick Blackburn) and challengers and unbeaten G. 2 + A. 2 ( Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, Alan Fleming, Andrew Gee). Well Bowled had changed their order of play for this important game with Plane moving into the lead position and Winrow taking the number 3 spot.

After 5 ends G. 2 + A. 2 had raced into an 8-1 lead with their lead player Barbara Gee favouring a maximum jack length . Well Bowled replied with a “3” as Dunwell knocked Gee’s scoring wood out of the head. Plane then bowled a much shorter jack length and the fightback by Well Bowled began. With three end left to play on the clock, Well Bowled took a 10-9 lead before at the penultimate end G. 2 + A. 2 replied with a single as the skip for G. 2 + A. 2 Gee bowled in for “shot” as the jack had been knocked into the ditch.

At the final end Well Bowled rose to the challenge as Dunwell and Winrow surrounded the jack for a “3”, Fleming the number three for G. 2 + A. 2 touched the jack but his bowl just fell short. Gee had no option but to send a strong bowl into the head but narrowly just failed as Well Bowled took the game by 12 shots to 10. Blackburn, the skip for Well Bowled had played a vital role in their success as he had saved a “4” and a “3” on a couple of ends. Turning a “4” down into a “2” up.

This result means that the teams are now level on points with G. 2 + A. 2 having a game in hand against other title challengers K.9’s.

Blackburn had one of his more successful days in indoor bowling as in the Monday Evening Fours his team Avengers ( Keith Hanson, Danny Leather, Mick Skwarek, Blackburn) beat the highflying Up the Edge (Andy Balmforth, John Sharp, Keith Hatzer, Tom Gasson) by 13 shots to 8.

K.9’s (Marian Quick, Ray Barnes, Stuart Baker, Barry Wright) who kept up their challenge for honours with a narrow 9-7 win against Ever Hopeful (Marilyn Milner, Marilyn Greenwood, Joan Hallowes, Anne Mullaney).

Rainy Days (Russ and Katie Gilbert) have moved into second place in the Saturday Pairs “Shield”. After their latest 22-4 win over Phoenix (Stuart Coates, Phil Hallowell) they have accumulated 15 points from 10 games played. Bee Hives (Renata and Eddie Eyres) are also on 15 points but from 11 games played. Other challengers Eskimos lie in 4th place with 14 points from 10 games played. The leaders of the league are Wellhouse (Ray Barnes, David Laycock), who in their latest game beat red woods (Con McGinley, Norma Mallinson) by 17 shots to 9. Wellhouse have 16 points scored from 9 games played.

An important game in Division 2 of the Friday Triples featured two of the top teams the Fridays (John Crowson, Barbara Crompton, Chris Livsey) and Bob’s Kingdom (Bob Kingdom, Carol Onions, David Onions). The outstanding player in the game was the skip for The Fridays, Livsey who continued to save shots and also score additional shots. However his efforts proved to no avail as Bob’s Kingdom ran out 16-10 winners. Bob’s Kingdom had a fruitful spell in the middle of the game when they scored two pairs and a 23” to move into a 11-3 advantage. They also scoed a 24” near the end of the game. The Fridays won 9 ends compared to 7 ends for Bob’s Kingdom but the Fridays were restricted to single shots while Bob’s Kingdom scored multiple shots.

The leaders of the Division Sutty’s Heroes retained their position at the top of the tables as John Sutcliffe, Peter Atherton, Douggie Gordon had a narrow 15-13 win over the all ladies Friends (Sandra Cooper, Susan Swift, Jean Wade).


Hard Lines 13 Dodgers 13

Well Bowled 12 G. 2 + A. 2 10

Yorkies 11 Rabbits 13

Rascals 16 Luddites 11

K. 9 ‘s 9 Ever Hopeful 7

A.’s & B’s 11 Black Jacks 6


Up the Edge 8 Avengers 13

Spartans 26 Rockets 11

Madlams 10 Amethyst 19

Don’t Be Short 15 One Direction 8



SID 5 Little & Large 13

Dad & Lad 15 2 B’s 2

C. Dogs 1 Bowl You Over 16


Jammy Duo 17 Rainy Days 10

Pals 4 Valley Boys 15

Stray Cats 9 Bee Hives 13

Pat & Pete 15 Double D. 11



Endeavour 11 Knockelly Stars 9

Vixens 10 Illingworth 18

Northern Lights 15 Black Cats 11

Hard Liners 23 Beta Blockers 9


Rockets 16 Yorkies 7

Springers 6 Kingsley 13

Guys & Dolls 12 Fair of Face 8

New Look 16 Jack High 10


The jets 7 Up the Edge 25

Arriva 23 Gapp 7

Clayton 20 The jets 3

Saxons 27 GbC 6

Light Relief 5 Up the Edge 25


Light Relief 10 Little & Large 26

Clayton 15 True Grit 9

Madlams 27 Hotpots 7

Avengers 20 Sid 9



Rabbits 9 New Patacakes 13

New patacakes 10 Hotshots 0

Rabbits 10 True Grit 21

Red Mist 28 Knockelly Stars 6

Untouchables 4 G. 2 + 1 27


Kingsley 17 Planes 14

Friends 13 Sutty’s heroes 15

The Fridays 10 Bob’s Kingdom 16

Changers 8 Larks 10


Clayton 16 Sisters 11

T.N.T, 16 Gary & Pat 8

C. Dogs 15 M.G.M. 10


Phoenix 4 Rainy Days 22

Wellhouse 17 Red Woods 9

Eskimos 25 Marbles 7

Bee Hives 31 Pennine v.I. 1

Rainy Days 12 Bee Hives 13


First Timers 3 T. & A. 15

Here’s Hoping 5 2 A’s 9

Ponders 7 Ghurkas 8