The much awaited game in the Friday Pairs featured leaders of the division T.N.T. (Peter Grant, Neil Mort) and champions Clayton (Tony Riley, Paul Kaye).This was a “nip and tuck” encounter with the scores level at  6 shots each before Clayton scored a “4” to give them a four shots advantage. The game continued in the same pattern with all players to their best of their ability as Clayton ran out narrow 12-10 winners.

Another  outstanding Pairs game featured in the Saturday Shield when Bee Hives (Renata and Eddie Eyres) were up against Red Woods (Con McGinley, Norma Mallinson). The game started off quite tight with no team having a big score. Red Woods went into a 9-4 lead before B ee Hives scored a “5” to pull the scores back level. Red Woods then scored a single to make the score 10-9 with one end to play. At the last end Bee Hives were holding  a “3” before skip Norma Mallinson bowled in her best bowl of the game for “shot” to Red Woods as her team took the game by 11 shots to 9.

Heather and Ian Smith combined well as their team Marbles beat Pennine V.I. (Keith Collins, John Palmer) by 11 shots to 4.

Eskimos (Marian Quick, Mick Jagger) increased their lead at the top of the table with an emphatic 27-2 win over Phoenix 9Phil Hallowell, Stuart Coates).

In the Saturday “Plate”, bottom teams Ponders (Ann and Robert Booth) and Manjimups (Margot Handsley, David Hardcastle) played out an exciting game as ponders registered their first win of the season with a 8-3 success.

Well done to First Timers (Mary Barmby. Sandra Cooper), who maintained their improvement as they beat Chatterbox (Peter Willoughby, John West) by 6 shots to 4. Sandra is new this season to indoor bowling but is taking advantage of the social bowling sessions to improve her game.

David and Carol Onions gave a superb display in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs as they face the highly experienced SID (John Sharp, Ian Ryding). At the start of the last end David and Carol held an 8-6 advantage but Ryding bowled in for a pair at the last end for the sides to finish with honours even with 8 shots each.

It was all change in Division 2 of the Friday Triples as Sutty’s Heroes( John Sutcliffe, Peter Atherton, Douggie Gordon) moved back to the top of the table with a 20-10 win over Planes, (Millie Wheelwright, Linda Lees, Donald Rawson). Leaders Bob’s Kingdom (Carol Onions, David Onions, Bob Kingdon) came unstuck against a determined Changers trio (Pat Grant, Elspeth Hartley, Anne Mullaney). Bob’s Kingdom opened their account with a “3” and a single to take a 4-0 advantage , before Changers pulled the score line back to 5 shots each. Changers then went on a winning sequence with a “4” and two pairs to move into a 13-5 lead. Bob’s Kingdom fought back to 14-11 with one end to play but could not improve their game as Changers finished off with a single to make the final score 15-11 to Changers.

The top game in the Wednesday Evening Fours featured Arriva ( Les Holmes, Graham Hickey, Robert Holmes. Graham Wilson) and Up the Edge (Chloe Hirst, Tom Gasson, Frank Higgins, Scott Smith). In a “nip  and tuck” encounter Arriva ran out 13-5 winners.


Hard Lines 12  Rabbits 1

Yorkies 4  Black Jacks 17

A’s & B’s 9  G. 2 + A. 2  13

Luddites 9  K.9’s 10

Well Bowled 21 Ever Hopeful 6

Rascals 7 Dodgers 7


Don’t Be Short 9 Spartans 18

Madlams 8  Rockets 12

Up the Edge 15  One Direction 8

Avengers 17  Amethyst 7



Dad & Lad 12  46ers 4

C. Dogs 5 Young Guns 9

Little 7 Large 9  Bowl You Over 5

SID 8  2 B’s 8


Double D. 13  Jammy Duo 3

Pat & Pete 16 Bee Hives 2

Stray Cats 15  Pals 3



Hard Liners 10  Illingworth 14

Endeavour 8  Black Cats 20

Knockelly Stars 11  Beta Blockers 9

Northern Lights 15  Vixens 6


Springers 8  Guys & Dolls 16

Rockets 7 Fair of Face 11

New look 12  Kingsley 8

Yorkies 4  Jack High 13


Arriva 13 Up the Edge 5

Light Relief 8  Clayton 20

Saxons 14  the Jets 5

Gapp 26  GBC 5


Light Relief 9  SID 17

True Grit 16 Little & Large 20

Avengers 24  Hotpots 7



Rabbits 11  Hotshots 15

Untouchables 5  Red Mist 25

New Patacakes 13   Knockelly Stars 16

G. 2 + 1  23  True Grit 11


Kingsley 6  the Fridays 26

Changers 15  Bob’s Kingdom 11

Friends 13  Larks 18

Planes 10  Sutty’s Heroes 20


C. Dogs 11  Gary & Pat 6

Clayton 12  T.N.T. 10


Pennine V.I. 4 Marbles 11

Bee Hives 9  Red Woods 11

Eskimos 27  Phoenix 2

Pennine V.I. 3 Red Woods 22


Ponders 8  Manjimups 3

Here’s Hoping 14  Ghurkas 3

2 A’s 2  T. A 12

Chatterbox 4  First Timers 6