Winter Bowling Results Week 11 2021


Lindley 19  Pellon 19

Fiery Jacks 22  Mavericks 11

Rabbits revenge 13  Simply the Best 24

Clayhouse 17  Whirls Wizards 16


Four Play 18  Tykes 17

Pellon “Belles” 12  Halifax “Thunder”  21

Halifax “Lightning “  14  Blue Sox 19

Unbelievabowl 17  Strollers 15

Indoor Bowling Results Week 11 2021

The game of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn league was in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening pairs where top teams Spartans (David and Brian Holder) and Pat & Pete (Pat and Pete Grant) played out an exciting game. In a “nip and tuck” encounter Pat & Pete opened the game with a 2” only for Spartans to level at the second end with a pair. Pat and Pete scored a couple of pairs to go into a 6-2 lead before  Brian Holder, playing as “skip” bowled into score “shot” as his team were lying 5 shots down. Spartans then went on a run with a “3” and two “2’s” to take a 10-6 lead. However in an unbelievable last end with “skip” Pete Grant bowling the last bowl into the head, for another shot, Pat and Pete scored a”5” to take the game by 11 shots to 10.

Winter Bowling Results Week 10 2021


Fiery Jacks 15  Pellon 21

Lindley 14  Clayhouse 18

Simply the Best 13  Whirls Wizards 22

Rabbits Revenge 16  Mavericks 16


Four Play 21  Strollers 16

Pellon “Belles” 15  Tykes 19

Halifax “Thunder”  13  Blue Sox 14

Unbelievabowl 20  Halifax “Lightning”  9

Indoor Bowling Results Week 10 2021

The outstanding performance of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn league was in the Wednesday Evening Fours, when Gapp (Danny Leather, Sandra Cooper, Pat Grant, Peter Grant) turned in a most impressive display of indoor bowling to beat the leaders of the division, Up the Edge (Keith Hatzer, Trevor Gasson, Tom Gasson, Scott Smith). The game began   “nip and tuck”, but at the 4th end Gapp scored a “4” to move into the league. At the 10th end , the skip for Gapp, Pete Grant moved the jack from bring “3” down to moving to “1” up as his team moved into a 14-7 lead. The final end was a “2” to Gapp as they took the honours by 16 shots to 7. This result now means that the new leaders of the division are Saxons and Gapp on 13 points, with Up the Edge third with Rainy days on 12 points. However Rainy Days, have games in hand over the other leading teams.

Winter Bowling Results Week 9 2021


Rabbits Revenge 19  Pellon 12

Fiery Jacks 14  Whirls Wizards 17

Lindley 14  Simply the Best 19

Clayhouse 16  Mavericks 17


Four Play 24 Blue Sox 10

Pellon “Belles” 14  Strollers 18

Unbelievabowl 24 Halifax “Thunder”  7

Halifax “Lightning”  11  Tykes 20