Winter Bowling Week 2. 2019


Lindley 22  Fiery Jacks 12

Clayhouse 19  Mavericks 9

Simply The Best 24  Rabbits Revenge 11

Four Play 15  Whirls Wizards 20


Halifax Ladies 10 Tykes 24

Halifax Extra 13  Pirates 20

Pellon 18  Blue Sox 17

Kingston 20  Sowerby 12

Indoor Bowling Results Week 6 October 2019

Photo of Jean Wade. Jean is the lead player for Friends in the Friday Triples and the leader player for Rascals in the Monday Afternoon Fours.

The outstanding performance of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues was in the Thursday Evening Triples when True Grit (Steve Rathmell, Joe Phillips, Tony James) upset the Spring champions and leaders of the division Clayton (Paul Kaye, Mel Fielding, Paul Gill) with an impressive all round team performance to run out 18-15 winners.

 True Grit were losing 11-2 and at the start of the final end they were 15-13 down but an impressive “5” at the final end saw them run out 18-15 winners much to the dismay of the experienced Clayton trio.

Jean Wade, Sue Griffiths, Sylvia Allott played out a close game against Larks (Chris Dunwell, Jennifer Plane, Steve Dunwell) as their team Friends scored ”shot” bowl at the final end for Friends to win 13-12.

Winter Bowling Week 1 2019

The first week of Halifax Bowling Club’s Winter league got off to a cloudy and wet start with sixteen teams setting off in their quest for honours.

Newly promoted Simply the Best (Lyn Carter, Chris Barker, Lyn Saxby, Julie Mallinson) found themselves up against the champions Clayhouse. ( Mel Fielding, P. Oliver, Hedley Kettlewell, Jack Summers), Both teams had two winners Carter beat Fielding 21-17, Mallinson restricted Summers to 12 points and for the champions Oliver and Kettlewell registered 21-10, 21-12 wins against Barker and Saxby. The teams finished with honours even at 17 points each.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 5 October 2019

Photo of Dennis Patrick. Patrick plays for Wellhouse in the Saturday “Shield”, and plays “skip” for Spartans in the Monday Evening Fours, for Endeavour in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and for Saxons in the Wednesday Evening Fours. He also plays with new bowler Eleanor Carney in the Friday Evening Pairs.

Wellhouse (Dennis Patrick, David Laycock) two of the most experienced indoor bowlers at Halifax Bowling Club, and leaders of the Saturday Pairs “Shield” with 100% record found themselves up against  a new team  Marbles (Sylvia Allott, Ian Smith) in their latest Saturday morning game. Games in the “Shield” play for an hour and a half compared to the Saturday “Plate” where the teams play for one hour. Patrick, a Republic of Ireland, representative player is quickly finding the Halifax rinks to his advantage. However he plays with “lazor” size 5, yellow narrow running bowls and teams are finding the best way to combat his skills are to try and “block” his road to the jack. In a “nip and tuck” encounter all four players quickly found their “line and length”. Wellhouse took a narrow 7-6 lead before a “3” for Marbles saw them take a 9-7 advantage. At the start of the last end Marbles had a narrow 10-9 lead but scored a “3” at the final end to take the game by 13 shots to 9.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 4 October 2019

Photo of Les Holmes. Holmes is the lead player for Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours. He also plays for Amethyst  in the Monday Evening Fours, Arriva in the Wednesday Evening Fours and Red Mist in Division 1 of the Friday Triples. He is one of the best lead players playing in the leagues as he has the ability to bowl a minimum 23 metre mark and then change the jack length to a longer  31 metre mark.

Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues saw some of the top sides in opposition. Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Steve Rothwell, Mick Walker, Michael Hutchinson) and Black Cats (Brian Winrow, Gordon Bradford, John Sharp, Paul Gill) played out a thrilling “nip and tuck” encounter. With both teams finding their length and line the “skip” for Black Cats Gill saved the day for his team in the early stages of the game as he ran the jack at two of the first three ends saving a “6” and a “3” to keep his team in the game. At the start of the last end Black Cats were leading 12-7 before Northern Lights scored a “5” at the last end for the sides to finish with honours even and share a 12 all draw.