Indoor Bowling Results Week 7 Feb 2020

Photo of Tom Robertshaw. Tom partners Andy Gee in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs as Bowl You Over and plays his outdoor bowling at Ripponden Bowling Club.

One of the most important game’s of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues was played in the Monday Afternoon Fours when the unbeaten leaders of the division Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Gary Plane, Steve Dunwell, Nick Blackburn) faced challengers Rascals (Jean Wade. Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock). With Jean Wade leading superbly off a long jack mark and well supported by her team mates Rascals took an early lead. However Well Bowled fought back and with their lead player Winrow shortening the length of the jack, and their skip Blackburn making a significant contribution to the game, Well Bowled took a 11-9 lead with two ends to go. At the penultimate end Rascals scored a single leaving it all to play for in the final end. Off a long mark Rascals surrounded the “head” to leave them holding a “3”. Blackburn played up twice into the head but each time narrowly missed the scoring bowls as he went through the gap as Rascals took the game by 13 shots to 11.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 6 Feb 2020

Photo of Danny Leather. Danny plays for Gapp in the Wednesday Evening Fours and partners Neil Mort as team, Jammy Duo in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs.

It was an exciting morning in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours at Halifax Bowling Club. Unbeaten Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Mick Walker, John Beverley, Michael Hutchinson) found themselves trailing Hard Liners (Keith Owens, Joe Phillips, Peter Owen, Tony James) by 10 shots to 3 in a game which they had dominated thanks to the superb play of their number 3 player, Peter Owen. Owen had bowled in for additional shots and saved shots for his team when required to do so. However when Northern Lights eventually won the jack, Holmes, one of the league’s top lead players took the mat up the rink and bowled a 24 metre mark. His team responded with a “4” to cut the lead back to 10-7. Holmes continued with his short mark before the skip for Hard Liners, James ran the jack for Hard Liners to again take control of the game. The scores were level at 12 shots each at the start of the last end before Hutchinson, the skip for Northern lights saved the day for his team with an excellent “jack high” bowl for Northern Lights to score a single and take the game by 13 shots to 12 in a superb game of indoor bowling.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 5 Feb 2020

Photo of new indoor bowlers Carol and David Onions, who are in their third season in competitive indoor bowling. They play in Division 2 of the Friday Triples with Bob Kingdon as Bob’s Kingdom and are playing in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs, having taken over the fixtures of the 2 B’s.

The Monday Evening Fours at Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring Leagues had two surprise results with high flying Madlams and  leaders Amethyst, both suffering defeats.

Amethyst (Les Holmes, Pauline Holroyd, Derek Finch, Philip Holroyd) got off to a winning start in their game against Avengers (Keith Hanson, Danny Leather, Mick Skwarek, Nick Blackburn). However their lead was short lived as an excellent team effort by Avengers saw them run out 17-7 winners. The final score did not reflect the closeness of the game as at the final end, Holroyd , the skip for Amethyst sent up a strong bowl into the “head” and as the bowls were moved about Avengers finished with 5 scoring bowls.

Challengers Madlams (Gordon Bradford, Brian Winrow, Ian Smith, Mick Walker) found lowly Rockets (Con McGinley, Mick Rowntree, Stuart Coates, Gordon Akroyd) in sparkling form as a top display from Rockets saw them take the game by 12 shots to 8. The star of the Rockets team was veteran Con McGinley who was superb as the lead player for his team. Rockets moved into an 8-4 lead before Madlams fought back to 8 shots each. At the penultimate end Madlams were holding a “2” before the skip for Rockets, Akroyd bowled in two” jack high” bowls for Rockets to hold a 10-8 advantage. At the final end Rockets scored another pair to run out 12-8 winners.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 4 January 2020

Photo of G. 2 + A. 2 skip Andrew Gee . Gee is also the skip for champions Bowl You Over in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening pairs. He is partnered by Tom Robertshaw.

There were two outstanding games in Halifax Bowling Club’s Monday Afternoon’s fours with the last few ends as exciting as the Mens Singles Final at Potters!

Unbeaten  G. 2 + A. 2 (Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, Alan Fleming, Andrew Gee) found themselves 12-3 down in their game against an inspired Rascals (Jean Wade, Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock). An excellent team performance by Rascals , with skip Laycock outstanding, had completely dominated the game and looked to be heading for victory. However when G. 2 + A. 2 eventually won the jack Barbara Gee, the lead player for her team took the mat up the rink to bowl a 24 metre mark and so the fightback began, With Rascals still in front at 12-9, G. 2 + A. 2 were holding a “3” before Laycock bowled in for “shot” to make the score 13-9 with two ends to play. At the penultimate end G. 2 + A. 2 rose to the occasion and were holding “2” shots before Laycock pushed a bowl in for a “3”, Andrew Gee, the skip for G. 2 + A. 2  bowled in two more shots for a “5” to G. 2 + A 2, to go in front for the first time at 13-14.

The final end saw Bainbridge and Fleming bowl in shots for G. 2 + A. 2 , the players hardly dare watch as skip Laycock sent his bowls. However his first wood was wide and his second wood short as Andrew Gee bowled in for a “3” and G. 2 + A. 2 ran out 17-13 winners leaving Rascals to reflect on “how they lost the game!”.

Winter Bowling Final Week

Photos of the Halifax President Ray Clegg presenting the prize money to Tony Riley of Clayhouse, the Division 1 champions and David Gowing, the winning captain of Pellon, (Division 2 champions)

The final rounds of games in Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league produced an excellent finish to what has been a superb season, with both divisions producing very close results

Champions from last season Clayhouse (Paul Gill, P. Oliver, Hedley Kettlewell, P. Hilliary), were up against relegation threatened Four Play (Ray Clegg, Keith Hanson, Derek Williamson, Dave Russell) and needed to score as many points as possible. With both teams having something to play for the scene was set for an exciting encounter. Four Play rose to the occasion with Clegg, Hanson and Russell all registering important wins as Four Play ran out 19-18  winners leaving them with a total of 224 points. Clayhouse had finished their fixtures on 262 points.

In the afternoon session second in the table Whirls Wizards ( Lorraine Hirst, Shirley Dillingham, Mick Skuse, R. Gartside) needed 20 points to become champions in their game against relegated Simply the Best (Julie Best, Lyn Carter, Lyn Saxby, Julie Mallinson). Hirst andSkuse registered wins for Whirls Wizards and Carter and Mallinson  replied for Simply the Best. Carter restricted Dillingham to 15 and Mallinson did the same against  Gartside as Whirls Wizards could only manage to score 18 points leaving them in second place behind Clayhouse. Linndley finished in third place. Simply the Best and Firey jacks were relegated.